The Steven H. Mills & Stephen W. Wilson Research Award

The Steven H. Mills and Stephen W. Wilson Research Award in the Biological Sciences is available through the UCM Foundation. This award is established to honor the leadership, dedication, research, and teaching of these two former chairmen and faculty members in the Department of Biology and Agriculture at the University of Central Missouri. Their administrative support of student and faculty-centered research was a high priority throughout their many years of service. The award is to provide support for undergraduate or graduate student field research in the Biological Sciences. Please see the application for further details on how to apply.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Steven H. Mills & Stephen W. Wilson Research Award Requirements
    • Abstract of Proposed Research
    • Optional File - If your abstract will not paste use this file option
    • Please submit the name and email address of your faculty mentor so we may request a letter of recommendation on your behalf
    • Submit a double-spaced research proposal, including a field component and the following sections: Title, Literature Review, Material & Methods (highlights of the habitats sampled, number of days and details of sampling technique), Description of the Research and Research Plan (may include preliminary data, timeline of activities), Expected Results, Publication and Presentation Goals, Faculty Mentor Curriculm Vitae, Budget (provide details on anticipated costs)