Graduate Student Achievement Award

The Graduate Student Achievement Award is a scholarship given to outstanding graduate students for the Fall Semester and/or Spring Semester. The amount of the award will be determined on an annual basis. Recipients of the award will be notified after the add/drop date has passed for the semester in which the funds are being awarded. If you have questions regarding the status of your application, please contact Graduate Education and Research (

I. Criteria for Eligibility
A. Receive an undergraduate degree before the scholarship is funded.
B. Admitted to The Graduate School at UCM and been accepted into a degree program.
C. Applicant must have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.50 and a minimum graduate GPA of 3.50 on any graduate work completed; OR if undergraduate GPA is less than 3.50, then applicant MUST have completed 9 semester hours of graduate study with a minimum GPA of 3.50.
D. Recipients of the award for the Fall and/or Spring Semesters must be enrolled in a minimum of 9 graduate hours each semester.
E. If the award has been issued for more than one session/semester, the recipient must achieve no less than a 3.50 graduate cumulative grade-point average to receive the remainder of the award.

II. Criteria for Selection of Recipients
A. Recipients must have a record of outstanding scholastic achievement while an undergraduate student and/or as a graduate student.
B. Recipients must possess high standards of character and leadership qualities.
C. Recipients of a full graduate assistant appointment are ineligible for a Graduate Student Achievement Award.
Recipients of a partial assignment as a graduate assistant are eligible to receive the award.
D. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

III. Procedure for Applying for the Award
A. The deadline for submission is per semester by the last day to add or drop classes, for either Spring or Fall semesters, to be considered for the award.
B. The Graduate Student Achievement Awards are issued on an semester basis only and are not extended automatically.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Graduate Student Achievement Award Questions
    • Have you been admitted to the Graduate School and been accepted in to a degree program? If so, which program?
    • I do not hold a graduate assistant position
    • Please give a summary of your educational background, to include all colleges and universities, vocational or technical schools you have attended. Please list your degrees received and the dates you received them.
    • Please identify the graduate major you are pursuing
    • Please list your academic achievements while a graduate student at UCM
    • Please list your leadership achievements while a graduate student at UCM
    • Please list your undergraduate degree and major
    • Please report your cumulative undergraduate grade point average
    • Please report your graduate grade point average