Willard North Graduate Student Research Award

The Willard North Graduate Student Research Award is named in honor of Dr. Willard North who devoted many years to fostering research at UCM. Dr. North was a proponent of sound research design, appropriate statistical techniques, and proper interpretation of results. The purpose of these awards is to promote and encourage the highest levels of graduate research and scholarly investigation in keeping with Dr. North’s standards. These awards are supported through an endowed fund established with the University of Central Missouri Foundation. The Willard North Graduate Student Research Award is available to all graduate students seeking graduate degrees from UCM. All applicants must be enrolled in graduate courses the semester they apply for the award. Please see the application for further information.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Willard North Graduate Student Research Award
    • Abstract of Proposed Research
    • Please submit a concise, informative proposal with 1" margins and 12 point font for a non-technical audience with labeled sections containing the following: 1. Background, Problem Statement and brief literature review;2 Goals, Objectives and Significance or impact of the study (be explicit); 3. Methodology or Procedures (include time/work schedule);4. Line item budget with justification; 5. Listing of other sources of support for this project; 6. Curriculum vitae or statement indicating the qualifications of the faculty sponsor ;7. A short description of the relationship of this study to the research interest of the faculty person with whom student is working; 8. Request for amount of funds; 9. Copy of any instrument used (survey, etc.)