Anthony and Sarah Taylor Scholarship

The Anthony and Sarah Taylor scholarship has been established with the University of Central Missouri Alumni Foundation to benefit students studying in the following majors, any degree with the Harmon College of Business, Public Relations, Graphic Design, Communication Studies, Digital Media Production, Design and Drafting Technology, Electronics Technology, Engineering Technology, Graphic Technologies, Networking and Technology Management. The ideal candidate will be an active member of a major related student organization or athletic team. An essay is also required on how you envision your major working within an organization.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Write an essay on how you envision your major fitting in with a company like Rupture Pin Technology. Rupture Pin - Mission: Rupture Pin Technology is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is owned and operated by the Taylor family and enjoys an honored and excellent reputation in the pressure relief and emergency shutoff business. Rupture Pin Technology has created an environment that offers a great opportunity for achievement and advancement.